Hi. I’m Colin.

Colin Stokes has worked for three decades in youth and community services as an arts worker, youth worker, project manager, trainer and group facilitator.

As a master communicator Colin moves seamlessly between spoken, written and visual modes to provide a rich, engaging experience. Colin is committed to developing creative and thoughtful group processes that will leave participants feeling heard, stimulate meaningful action and capture nuanced qualitative data.


Visual Facilitation

Visual facilitation is more than illustrating group activities or presentations. Used alongside other group work it galvanises participants and captures a subtle picture of the relationship between ideas, data and action.

Images generated by visual facilitation can be developed further to illustrate presentations and documents.

Group Facilitation

When bringing groups together for planning, team development, program development or to solve a problem it is vital to make to best use of the time available.

Colin will bring all his skills to bear to make sure all participants have to opportunity to contribute to an agreed strategy that addresses the task at hand.

Training Development and Review

Felt Facilitation incorporates a blend of group work and traditional delivery in all our training. Our aim is to acknowledge the lived experience of learners, connecting existing practices with new skills and knowledge.

With that in mind we develop training that is interactive and practical, ensuring the delivery of important information is balanced with opportunities for reflection, skills practice, motivation to change and action planning.

We can also review your training manuals and outlines to troubleshoot problems, develop creative approaches to delivery and help you align training objectives with learning outcomes and measures.


For too long PowerPoint presentations, reports and blog posts have been limited to clip art and stock photos that often say little about the ideas at the core of the document.

Commissioning bespoke illustrations for your slide deck, training manual or report will give your material a fresh, engaging look. More importantly they will be relevant and targeted to support your message.



Sketch Noting



Team development

Journey Mapping

Training Program Development

Document Review

For slide decks

For articles and blogs

For training manuals

For reports