To develop and deliver creative, thoughtful processes that build understanding, generate meaningful actions and leave participants feeling heard.

Illustration capturing Felt Facilitation values depicting a workshop

How we work

Felt Facilitation approaches every project as an opportunity for co-design. We will work with you to develop a bespoke plan that draws on the services below to engage stakeholders, capture key ideas and address your needs.

Our wealth of experience means we appreciate the concerns of small and large NGOs, local, state and Federal government and private companies.

Felt Facilitation is committed to working in ways that engage all stakeholders to identify shared goals and opportunities for change.

Diverse voices in workshop facilitation - cartoon of speech bubbles to signify voices.


Workshops & Events

We create rich and engaging workshops inviting your stakeholders into activities and discussions that encourage participation and achieve workshop outcomes.

Program Planning

Our NGO and Government experience can help you develop a Program Logic that links objectives, inputs, activities, and outcomes to set up effective monitoring, evaluation & reporting.


Our training combines information with activities designed to unpack new knowledge, reflect on current practice, develop shared commitment and produce action to embed new practice.

Illustration of graphic facilitation

Drawing & Design

Graphic Recording

Graphic recording helps participants see relationships between ideas, data, and action as discussions unfold. The results can be used for review, shared, and published in reports.

Custom made materials

Go beyond butcher’s paper and post-its with custom-made, large format worksheets that invite high quality responses, and ensure outputs meet workshop objectives.


Give your slide deck, training manual or report a fresh, engaging look with bespoke illustrations that are targeted to your message and relevant to your audience.


Colin Stokes is the Principal of Felt Facilitation. He has 30+ years of experience in government, non-government, and private sectors. He has engaged with communities of all kinds for service delivery, health promotion, training, facilitation, and consultation.